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How Hosting a Virtual Summit Can Scale Your Signature Offer's Growth

Creating Your Paid Virtual Summit Tickets

Your virtual summit is free to attend but you also have a paid ticket or maybe two paid tickets, that attendees can choose to purchase for additional benefits and extended...

Jan 17, 2023 Keep Reading...
Your Free Virtual Summit Tickets Are Important To Your Attendees

Most virtual summits offer a free ticket to anyone who signs up to attend. I suggest you create a free event model as they are a great place to start and still offer...

Dec 19, 2022 Keep Reading...
How To Find The Right Speakers For Your Virtual Summit

Does the thought of reaching out to Speakers to participate in your event make you nauseous? Are you nervous pitching to people you have no connections with and maybe even...

Nov 21, 2022 Keep Reading...
Accepting Help With Planning a Virtual Summit

If you've just started thinking about planning a virtual summit, you're probably aware that there are many, many things that need to be done in order to get these types of...

Oct 17, 2022 Keep Reading...
The Only HeySummit Review You Need To Read

So... you're thinking about hosting an online event and have found a few options including something called HeySummit. While you could spend hours diving into the features...

Sep 19, 2022 Keep Reading...
Virtual Summit: How To Choose A Name For Your Event

I totally agree that an epic event name could catapult your event into a social slam-dunk with a super creative hashtag that goes viral and gets tons of attention! A...

Aug 15, 2022 Keep Reading...
Define Your Target Audience

Choosing the right target audience is another very important task that needs to be defined and firmed up right from the start! 

Your audience for the event is not just...

Jul 18, 2022 Keep Reading...
What Types Of Sessions Can Be In A Virtual Summit

Many people think that a virtual summit is just a series of pre-recorded interviews. And while many virtual summits use this easy-to-do method of compiling speaker sessions...

Jun 20, 2022 Keep Reading...
Mailing Swag To Attendees For Virtual Events!

Mailing swag to your attendees as part of a virtual event is a great complement to the digital atmosphere you're creating! It puts products that attendees can touch...

Jun 06, 2022 Keep Reading...
Can You Co-Host A Virtual Summit?

Virtual Summits are an incredible way to make industry connections. From speakers and sponsors to new clients and a growing community of people who are interested in your...

May 16, 2022 Keep Reading...

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Hey! I'm Sharee

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web, where summits are the golden ticket to business growth, launching new products and services and building engaged audiences.

I hosted my first virtual summit in 2018 and welcomed 5K attendees and over $10K on the first day.

I knew immediately by the end results, that these virtual events, were the key to scaling a business and growing an engaged audience. 

After planning and hosting about a dozen virtual summits in the past few years, I detailed and developed my own system for planning and hosting virtual summits, which is something I'd love to teach you how to do!

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I've worked with over 417 Speakers & Sponsors to produce my events. 



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For over 24K live attendees in a variety of niche industries. 

Virtual Summit 101: Learn The Basics

What Is A Virtual Summit?

How Virtual Summits Work?

Benefits Of Virtual Summits

Choosing Your  Summit Topic?

Virtual Summit Tools & Resources

How To Host A Virtual Summit On Kajabi

Do you currently use Kajabi for running your online business? If so you can use it to run a full virtual summit with barely any additional tech! 

Read the benefits of hosting a virtual summit on Kajabi and discover how this platform can help you create a seamless event experience.

Must Have Tech Tools For Your Virtual Summit 

Running a virtual summit takes a lot of work to organize all the moving pieces that need to seamlessly fit together.

This includes email marketing software, payment processors, countdown timers for fast action offers, interview software, and webinar software. 

The Only HeySummit Review You Need To Read

So, you're thinking about hosting an online event and found a few tech options including HeySummit. 

While you could spend hours diving into the features of all the different options, I would urge you to start your research with HeySummit because it likely has just what you need. 

Virtual Summit Planning

Accepting Help With Planning a Virtual Summit Benefits

Why Communicating With Speakers Is A Top Priority

What Types Of Sessions Can Be In A Virtual Summit

What Is A Swag Bag & Why Your Event Needs To Have One

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