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Our Affiliate Program is the perfect solution to unlocking your earnings and transforming your online business into a powerhouse of resources and tools for all your customer's needs and wants! 

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Welcome to The Summit Host!

Your all-inclusive partner for virtual summits & digital events.

The Summit Host offers DIY tools and resources for online business owners looking to scale their brands through virtual events! We are so excited to announce the launch of our official Affiliate Team, who will be earning an incredible 50% commission on sales they make through sharing our products and services with their audience! 

If you have an audience who would benefit from

✅ a larger email list and community

✅ more brand recognition and authority

✅ more sales of their digital offers

Then you're the perfect fit for our Affiliate Team! 

Here's How It Works....

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Complete Sign-Up Form

Complete our affiliate sign-up form, which is only  3 short questions. Just click the button below.

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Grab our affiliate swipe copy and start sharing all of our products with your audience!  

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Earn 50% Of All Your Sales

Every time someone you refer makes a purchase, you'll get 1/2 the cash! 🙌🏽

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Your Affiliate Benefits

✅ 50% Commissions: We value all the help and promotions that our affiliates contribute to making The Summit Host, the go-to place for help with planning virtual summits and digital events. And for your hard work and dedication, we want to reward you with 50% of each and every sale you make... Afterall, it's a partnership right? 

✅ Easy Swipes & Graphics: We want to make your promo easy and effortless, so we take the burden of creating emails, social posts, and even graphics off your plate! We supply everything you'll need to promote our products and services to your audience

✅ Affiliate Dashboard: Keep track of all your links, as well as your clicks, opt-ins, and sales inside your Affiliate Dashboard! Track your referrals in one easy-to-access place!

 Added Bonuses & IncentivesWe want to make promoting The Summit Host fun, so throughout the year, we'll host affiliate-only bonuses and incentives. Sometimes this will be prizes and giveaways and other times, it will be extra bonuses you can use to promote and see bigger results! 

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