Ready To Grow Your Audience & Scale Your Business?

Then it's time to host a virtual summit in your business! Get ready to replace all your slow growth (aka retro) launch strategies for something that actually works. 

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Are You READY TO SCALE Your Business?

for business owners who are serious about growing their audience and scaling their business with engaged leads, full funnels, and BIG post-event launches!

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Let's Do More Than Just Grow Your Email List...

Let's Scale Your Business!

Get ready to ditch your marketing playbook! It's time to trade webinars and live launching strategies for a virtual summit that delivers!

Every business has goals of high-level growth, funnels overflowing with warm leads, and more clients and customers than the industry conversions said were possible...

If you currently have a digital course, product, or service, then hosting a virtual summit is the perfect way to grow your list while generating thousands of dollars and setting yourself up for a well-timed and perfectly positioned post-summit launch!

So the only question is...

Are you ready to Summit & Scale?

Take The Summit & Scale Challenge ➝

Grow Your Audience, Increase Your Authority & Put Cash In The Bank!

Hosting a virtual summit will not only bring in hundreds (possibly thousands) of fresh leads, but you're audience will be drooling over your authority and ready to continue to learn from you and your offers down the road! 

Get the tools, resources and support you need to plan & host a successful virtual summit. View our DIY products which make planning your events easy and stress-free or check out our services and let's work together to create an event you'll be proud to host!

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Hey! I'm Sharee

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web, where summits are the golden ticket to business growth, launching new products and services and building engaged audiences.

I hosted my first virtual summit in 2018 and welcomed 5K attendees and over $10K on the first day.

I knew immediately by the end results, that these virtual events, were the key to scaling a business and growing an engaged audience. 

After planning and hosting about a dozen virtual summits in the past few years, I detailed and developed my own system for planning and hosting virtual summits, which is something I'd love to teach you how to do!

So I'll ask you again...

Are you ready to Summit & Scale?


Take The Summit & Scale Challenge ➝



I've worked with over 417 Speakers & Sponsors to produce my events. 



Together we've produced over 473 Live & Pre-Recorded Video Sessions 



For over 24K live attendees in a variety of niche industries. 

dream big then create it...

Sharee Collier

"You can do a lot more than you give yourself credit for. Stop being your own worse critic and start being your own personal cheerleader! If you can see it in your mind, then you can do it. So dream big- then create it"

Need Support With Planning Your Virtual Summit

Don't go into this crazy summit planning journey alone! Let's work together to produce an event worthy of attending! From Full-Service Virtual Summit Planning to Co-hosting and Summit Support, I can help!

Let's Work Together!

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How Do I Do It?

It's Simple... I have a system.

I have a process for just about every aspect of planning and executing virtual summits and digital events and to be honest- they work!

After planning and hosting about a dozen virtual summits in just over a year's time, I knew my system was not only something that I could rely on, but something that I could use to teach other people how to do the very same thing! 

Jump into my FREE Summit & Scale 3-Day Challenge and get the details you need to start planning your virtual summit! It's a quick win that walks you through the very first 5 steps with guided worksheets, so you can jumpstart your event planning with ease!

Take The Summit & Scale Challenge ➝

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