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a virtual summit?

Great News! By hosting a virtual summit you'll be able to quickly build a community, grow your brand, generate warm leads, and pump sales into your business, regardless of industry, topic or your current reach!

And since virtual summits are super popular right now,  you'll have people interested in attending your event and speakers who are willing to help you deliver great information.

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does this sound like you?

I enjoy sourcing information that's helpful and would like to provide an all-inclusive answer to a reoccurring question...

I have a small (or large) community of engaged members who are actively trying to find solutions to what seems like the same problems...

I've attended a virtual summit or two in the past and would love to produce one myself to help engage my audience and bring in fresh new members/clients/followers...

I want to build a community of like-minded people who understand my niche and enjoy the topics I cover with my content...

I'm looking for ways to launch my new product/service and heard virtual summits were a great way to do this without being a salesman...


it's time to take action

Sign up for my Virtual Summit Starter Course and learn how to quickly build a community, grow your brand, generate warm leads, and pump sales into your business, regardless of industry, topic or your current reach

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In This Course You'll Find

5 Core Virtual Summit Training Modules

Learn the very basics for starting to plan and host a virtual summit on any topic.

Tools, Resources, & Advance Tips  

Get advance tips on items beyond basic trainings that will help you setup and plan your summit.

Special Bonus: 88 Virtual Summit Ideas

To help you get started and get going, I've compiled a list of 80+ ideas for a virtual summit! 

***Includes 3 Of My Top Virtual Summit Freebies

Get all the goodies in one place! This course includes easy access to my top 3 freebies for Virtual Summit Hosts:

Summit Time Schedule Guide

Speaker Pitch Template

Networking Meetup Session Guide! 


I'll guide you through

  1. Choosing a topic for your virtual event.
  2. How to identify your ideal audience.
  3. How to find topics to cover for your sessions.
  4. Choosing the right speakers and here to find them
  5. Deciding when to host your virtual summit.

And The Advance Training Module Will Cover:

  • Co-hosting a summit
  • Live v.pre-recorded sessions
  • Using a summit platform instead of the DIY method
  • Speaker agreements & pitching speakers
  • Using Thrive Cart for upsells
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Hey- I'm Sharee

I help freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses plan incredible online events, launch new products and services, and host virtual summits with ZERO stress. 

Not only do I plan and host multiple Virtual Summits throughout the year, but I also partner with big brands and entrepreneurs to produce their events and hit their goals!

It's important for me to help make virtual events equally as fun, valuable, profitable and inclusive as in person events- and I hope you'll join me in this journey!

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