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Virtual Summits are online events that deliver solutions... 

Solutions to real problems your audience is looking for answers to. 

Take the expertise of many and curate conversations that provide real answers to the masses! 

Host a virtual summit to offer real answers to your community's biggest questions. Curate the conversation with industry experts who share their knowledge, expertise and help your attendees reach their goals. 

Benefits of Hosting Virtual Summits

There are many benefits to hosting a Virtual Summit, regardless of the size of your business, your audience, and the level of authority you currently have in your industry. In fact, virtual summits can be the start of scaling your business, building your brand, and growing an engaging community

Many small business owners use virtual summits as part of their marketing strategy or their whole strategy- which makes perfect sense!

Virtual Summits Made For Business 

If you can amaze your audience with the level of content and information you’re delivering in your virtual summit, you will have created a tight, targeted entrance point for them to connect with your brand, your business, and your products and services.

  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Grow an Engaged Community
  • Expand Your Reach
  • Build Your Industry Network
  • Add Warm Leads to Email List
  • Lower Out of Pocket Expenses
  • Easily Launch New Product/Service
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Virtual Summit 101: Learn The Basics

Learn the basics of hosting a virtual summit! From the very first step to choosing a date, to actually make the event come to life, there are many pieces of the virtual summit puzzle that you'll need to put together. 

What Is A Virtual Summit?

They’ve been around for many years and kind of fade in and out of popularity, but with the recent need for fewer in-person gatherings and more digital options, virtual summits are booming, and for good reason!

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The 1st Step in Planning A Summit

Choosing a virtual summit topic is the very first step in every Summit Host's planning. It's the single most important step to getting your event outlined and organized. 

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How To Choose A Summit Topic

Most summits have one central topic, which then breaks down different aspects of that topic and those surrounding it, to deliver info in bite-size sessions...

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Types Of Summit Sessions

Many people think that a virtual summit is just a series of pre-recorded interviews. But the truth is, your virtual summit can offer more than the typical one-on-one recorded interview format. 

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Can You Co-Host A Virtual Summit?

Another incredible way to make a deeper connection to someone in your industry is to co-host your virtual summit with someone whose brand aligns well with your virtual summit's target audience and virtual summit topic. So the short answer is YES!

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What Is A Virtual Swag Bag

Swag bags are a great way to welcome attendees to your event. Regardless of the lack of travel required, it's a great way to say thanks for coming (or attending rather) and give a warm welcome with well placed freebies from your event speakers and sponsors! 

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Define Your Target Audience

Choosing the right target audience is another very important task that needs to be defined and firmed up right from the start! Your audience for the event is not just about how many people will ultimately sign up to attend, but more about who should actually attend. 

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Pick A Date For Your Virtual Summit

Regardless of if you are planning a virtual summit, digital conference or live webinar series, there are many considerations that you need to make when it comes to timing! First off, make sure to give yourself at least 90 days to pull it all together...

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Kajabi Virtual Summits

Use Your Kajabi Website To Run Your Virtual Summit!

Let me walk you through the basics of using your website on Kajabi to host a virtual summit!

Learn About Kajabi Virtual Summits

Not On Kajabi? No Worries Friend! 

HeySummit Was Built For Virtual Summits

HeySummit is an easy-to-use virtual event platform for small to large events, that helps you host different styles of events with ease.

You can use HeySummit to run full-scale conferences, career fairs, trade shows, seminars, webinars, and event membership programs.

The HeySummit Virtual Event Platform

makes setting up your online events less stressful than patching together different tech. Everything you need is already included. Spend less time building your event website and more time concentrating on making your event valuable, engaging, and impactful. 

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More Virtual Summit Tips & Advice

My goal is to help you succeed! When I first started planning virtual events, there was a steep learning curve! One that took years to iron out and feel confident about, because I didn't have help. You don't have to start from scratch- learn from my past trials and get a head start!

1. Accepting Help With Planning a Virtual Summit

If you've just started thinking about planning and hosting a virtual summit, you're probably aware that there are many, many things that need to be done in order to get these types of events together. Don't feel like you have to do it all alone- you can easily outsource some of these tasks...  Continue Reading

2.Virtual Summit Tools & Resources

Hosting a virtual summit takes the organization of tons of little pieces. 

I’ve compiled a list of my recommenced tech tools for Summit Hosts. It includes a variety of different platforms and services you can use to create an amazing event for your attendees, speakers, and your sponsors!  Continue Reading

3. Communicating With Your Speakers

When it comes to planning and hosting a virtual summit, you can imagine (or maybe you know from previous experience) that working with speakers is a HUGE part of the event. From pitching and onboarding to working with speakers to get the information you need to promote, presentations, as well as any bonuses takes a lot of communicating with your speakers to pull together.  Continue Reading

4. What's A Keynote? And Why You Need One

Every event needs a well-planned and even better-delivered key session to set the tone. These sessions are typically delivered by a well-trained, well-known, and well-spoken speaker who can engage and excite your attendees while setting the overall tone of the event for all sessions to come. This is a big deal. Continue Reading

5. How To Find The Right Speakers For Your Virtual Summit

When you think of your summit topic, you should immediately have a few speakers who pop into your head. These people are likely popular speakers on topics that relate to your summit, maybe you've worked with them in the past, or maybe you instantly think of popular influencers who you follow or connect with on social media.  Continue Reading

6. Mailing Swag To Attendees For Virtual Events!

Mailing swag to your attendees as part of a virtual event is a great complement to the digital atmosphere you're creating! It puts products that attendees can touch and feel directly into their hands from sponsors, speakers, and of course- their event host! I've planned one virtual conference that used a physical swag bag and it went really well. Continue Reading

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