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I'm Sharee Collier... 

A travel loving, side hustling, virtual event-planning digital entrepreneur who loves turning ideas into income streams and teaching others how to do the same! 

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Sharee Collier is a travel loving, side hustling, virtual event planning, digital entrepreneur who loves turning ideas into income streams and teaching others how to do the same! She knows the heartache that can come from a disruption to your income and is on a mission to build a family empire on a strong foundation spanning many industries, brands, and digital products. 

Over the past 5 years, Sharee traveled nationwide as she grew what started as a family blog into a fully nomadic community of over 20K subscribers, published books, online courses and multiple virtual products, that she then packaged up and sold in a private sale that showed 6 figures on the horizon. 


Best known for planning and hosting multiple virtual events and online conferences for groups of 6K+, Sharee now focuses her attention on teaching thousands of entrepreneurs, small business owners, and online creators how to diversify their offerings and scale big with virtual events! 

When not working, you can find Sharee hanging with her husband, 4 teenagers, and a crazy Chihuahua! She loves to explore new places on fun road trips and is always up for conversations over cocktails! 

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Virtual Speaking Engagements

Podcast Interviews

Book Sharee on your podcast! She's never late, easy to communicate with, and knows how to tell a good story while keeping the interview tightly focused and on topic! 

Virtual Events & Summits

Looking for virtual event speakers? Your search is over! Invite Sharee to join your speaker lineup and get ready to be wowed by the information and inspiration she provides in her session! 

Guest Trainings

Have a private group, membership, or mastermind you'd like Sharee to come in and provide a private training for? Perfect! Reach out with the details and get something booked on the calendar! 

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In-Person Events

If you're looking for a fresh perspective on virtual events, side hustles, and building remote income streams... Sharee is who you want! 

Professional, fun, and totally relatable, she has a story to tell and enjoys sharing it at live events as well! Book Sharee for your next in-person conference, retreat, educational seminar, case study or panel! 

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My Favorite Topics

Need some ideas on what I like to talk about? I have a few favorite topics that I LOVE to talk about. 

The 1st 5 Steps To Planning A Virtual Event.

For many people planning a virtual summit seems like an unachievable goal with way too many logistics and tech tools to navigate behind the scenes. Let Sharee break down the very first 5 steps to planning a successful event for your audience so that your listeners can lay a solid foundation to build a virtual event on top of!

Top 10 Tips, Tricks & Tools For Virtual Event Hosts.

What better way to get insider details than to learn a few tips, tricks, and tools to make planning, promoting, and producing your virtual event simple and stress-free? Sharee will share her best of the best tips with your listeners and help them understand planning a major collaboration in your niche can be fun and enjoyable!

3 Ways to Increase Your Audience & Your Authority By Speaking At Virtual Events!

We all know building a brand takes an audience that pays attention. And who better to pay attention to than the industry expert? Let Sharee walk your listeners through 3 ways they can grow their audience and their influence by speaking at virtual events of all kinds!

The Ultimate Collaboration: 3 Big Business Wins From Hosting A Virtual Summit

Hosting a virtual summit is the ultimate collaboration for entrepreneurs! Not only are you able to hand pick your speaker lineup, sponsors, and curate the exact transformation your attendees will achieve- but you also are setting yourself up for some pretty amazing results in your own business!

Virtual summits pull together a variety of experts to deliver specific information with an end goal in mind! That means, by hosting one of your very own, you’ll walk away with a new list of hundreds, possibly thousands of warm targeted leads, 20+ new potential partners for future collabs around your industry as well as immediate revenue from ticket sales!Let’s break down how a virtual summit sets you up for 3 big wins in your business and how you can get started in just 5 steps!

How To Grow Your Online Business Without Having To Focus On Social Media.

Nowadays it seems everyone is everywhere when it comes to Social, but not Sharee. She hates social media (mainly because she isn’t good at it) and would rather focus on building her online business with engaged subscribers, clients, and members than creating free content for followers who don’t tend to convert.

Social media, while important in today’s world of business, isn’t the only way to grow an audience and engage with your community! Let Sharee inspire your audience to dare to be different and go against the grain when it comes to putting all your focus on social.

Why HUSTLE Is Not A Bad Word And How To Own Your Grind.

Sharee is a firm believer that the only way to take our business, hobby, project, or great big idea from point A to point B is to hustle. While this can be controversial, to Sharee hustle means work. Hustle means drive and hustle means dedication. To Sharee, hustle has a healthy place in business when used and done in a way that works towards sustainability. So let’s take a step back and talk about why hustle doesn’t have to be a bad thing and why you just need to own your grind.


These are just a few topics, but let's be honest, I can usually talk to anyone about anything... 

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