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Featured Favorites

2 of my favorite virtual summit tech tools that really help Hosts put their best foot forward.

17hats Business & Summit Automation 

Juggling business tasks while planning a virtual summit can feel chaotic.

17hats offers an all-in-one platform to streamline your operations and free up your time. 

Plus, you can automate repetitive tasks like pitching speakers, onboarding sponsors, sending reminder emails to keep everyone on track, and even scheduling interview!

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Live Video Conferencing & Meeting Tool

I switched to Sessions for all my live webinars, Bootcamps, live summit sessions, and online meetings.

It's the perfect alternative to Zoom and I love the ability to customize each meeting room based on the event branding!

There’s a free version, and you can try any of their paid plans for free for 14 days. And if you sign up using our link, you’ll get a 20% lifetime discount on any plan you choose!

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Virtual Summit Website Templates

Don't start your virtual summit website from scratch- grab one of these Virtual Summit Website Template Packs instead!

Kajabi Virtual Summit Template Pack 

Dreaming of hosting a virtual summit that leaves your audience awestruck and your business booming? 

Stop daydreaming and start creating with our Kajabi Virtual Summit Template Pack – your all-in-one solution for a polished, high-converting event.

Use our easy-to-customize Virtual Summit Templates to pop up a virtual summit website using Kajabi in a fraction of the time!

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ThriveCart Virtual Summit Templates

Want to boost your summit registration conversion rates and make VIP Pass sales like never before? 

Enjoy Simple, Secure & Stylish Virtual Summit Registration With ThriveCart! Get your Summit ThriveCart template bundle now and watch your summit thrive.

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Summit Planning DIY Tools

Feel confident in planning your own event! These DIY Tools can help you along the way.

Summit Host Starter Kit

Start Planning With A Step-by-Step Project Plan PLUS Tools To Help You Get Started

Get my exact step-by-step project plan, that outlines each to-do item with custom due dates for producing your event! Step-by-Step Project Plan Summit Host Planner Ultimate Event Organizer

$497.00 USD

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Speaker Assets & Templates

Securing great Speakers for your virtual summit is a big job! But effectively managing them once they've confirmed their participation and making sure they have what they need before they need it is just as important!

Save Time Pitching Your Speakers

Simplify Your Virtual Summit Planning! Use our Speaker Pitch & Outreach Templates to make reaching out to potential speakers easy and straightforward! Because regardless of if you've worked with them before or not, you'll know exactly what to say. 

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Ditch the speaker communication scramble!

Say goodbye to radio silence: This 12-part email sequence guides you through every step of the speaker journey, from the warm welcome to the post-event thank you. No more wondering what to say next – just plug-and-play our templates and personalize them to match your event's unique vibe.

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Elevate Your Virtual Summit Buzz!

This powerful template pack equips you with all  the many resources and tools you'll need as the Virtual Summit Host, to turn your speakers into enthusiastic evangelists, attracting a wave of registrations and maximizing your event's success.

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Virtual Summit Contracts, Terms & Agreements

Make sure you're covered from start to finish- legally! 

  • Virtual Summit Speaker Contracts: The exact template I use to create the contracts for my Virtual Summit Speakers! Make sure you have a solid contract that outlines who is doing what, when it's due and who has what rights to what is submitted and created. 
  • Virtual Summit Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy TemplateYou want to make sure you cover all your bases when potential attendees and participants enter your website. Whether you’re selling tickets or products related to your summit or not, you need to have both a terms & conditions agreement and a privacy policy on your website/landing page.

  • Virtual Summit Sponsorship Agreement Template: Everything you need to establish clear guidelines for your virtual summit sponsors, such as ad placement and fees, exclusivity provision for competitive brands/sponsors, creative control provision, and intellectual property clause detailing ownership rights and licensing.

  • Virtual Summit Contract Bundle: This bundle comes with contracts that will allow you to set clear expectations with your sponsors, your attendees, and speakers. It will protect your time and value and help you sort through possible disagreements 

Speaker Directories

Find a variety of amazing speakers for your virtual summit using these speaker directories!

  • HeySummit Speaker Directory - A great resource to find speakers for your summits as well as list yourself to speak on others.
  • Virtual Summit Search - A growing speaker directory of people who are willing to speak at summits on a variety of topics.
  • Collaboration Station - my favorite place to connect with fellow online business owners for colabs both big and small! Start with a free trial and then upgrade your account from access and premium features! 

Virtual Summit Platforms & Web Tools

Use a tool specifically for virtual summits, one that works for all types of digital products or just use what you have! 

  • HeySummit - Summit hosting platform that does it all. Easy to use and has everything you need built in to plan, host, and monetize your virtual summit without tech skills.
  • Kajabi - All-in-one platform for hosting not just virtual summits but your entire website and business application. You can lock your content behind a paywall for your tickets or host the whole summit!   
  • ThriveCart - Aside from just using it as a great option for creating an affiliate program, you can host your entire virtual summit using ThriveCart- since it comes with a built-in 'course' feature to host your content!  
  • WordPress - Easy to customize a summit the way you want. WordPress is a great website builder but will require some tech skills and working knowledge of how to use its systems and user dashboard. 
    • Elementor - A drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to easily customize your WordPress pages without tech skills.  
    • Astra Theme - WordPress theme that is light and loads fast. They offer many pre-made templates to give you a head start when building your summit of website pages.
    • WooCommerce - A free cart plugin for WordPress that will allow you to sell your summit tickets.

Video & Audio Hosting

Every virtual summit needs a way to store and host your video and/or audio files! 

  • Vimeo - My personal favorite for hosting videos, Vimeo offers privacy settings you can’t beat for a virtual summit! Make sure you choose at least their Business plan, as they don’t allow the use of business services on the lower tier and will shut your account down… 
  • Sessions - This is a truly interactive video platform you can use to host your virtual event videos and possibly the whole event. Save 20% on their plans using our link.
  • YouTube - Always love a free option, YouTube can be used for hosting your video content as well. Just set the privacy setting to hide/unlisted videos so you don’t make it easy for unregistered viewers to see your summit content.
  • HelloAudio (Private Podcast) Quickly turn your content into a private podcast! Include this private audio-only podcast feed in your free or paid ticket to let your attendees list on the go!

Emails, Funnels & Carts

Setting up your virtual summit emails can be simple and straightforward with programs like Flodesk! Setting up funnels and your registration flow can be just as easy with programs like Thrivecart!

  • Flodesk - Easy-to-use email tool with beautiful layouts for fun email marketing campaigns. Pricing is less than $50 a month for unlimited everything!
  • ConvertKit - A great option for sending emails to your summit audience. ConvertKit makes it easy to tag and segment your list and build automation that will allow you to get the right message to the right people every time. 
  • Deadline Funnel - A software system that allows you to create real urgency for your summit attendees. I’ve started using this in a few of my events and it’s a great tool to create fast action offers.
  • ThriveCart - I love ThriveCart and recommend every business owner to have the lifetime deal to offer full marketing funnels, product sales, and event courses.  

Live Session Tools

Adding live videos, networking sessions, or speaker panels to your virtual summit? Check out these recommended tools!

  • Live Webinar - Great webinar tool with tons of features like whiteboards, breakout rooms, presenter mode, polls, and other engagement sessions like panel sessions.
  • Zoom - Who doesn't love Zoom, right? Well, you can use Zoom to record your summit interviews, host live panels with Q&A, as well as breakout sessions! 
  • Sessions -This is a truly interactive video platform you can use to host your virtual event videos and possibly the whole event. Save 20% on their plans using our link.

Summit Organization

  • Google Drive - The best tool for organizing your files for your summit! Create a folder for Speakers and Sponsors and even one to deliver swag bag items to your attendees!
  • Google Forms - Free tool to build a speaker intake form to gather information from your speakers and sponsors.
  • 17hats - A great tool I use to easily collect information from my speakers and sponsors. It allows you to create a schedule of follow-up emails so you spend more time planning rather than tracking down speakers for their information! 
  • Airtable - My favorite resource for creating spreadsheets to organize my summits. Track speakers, sponsors, your schedule, and your budget in Airtable. 

 Other Tools

  • SiteGround - Reliable website hosting for WordPress sites. You can also buy a domain name directly through SiteGround.
  • GoDaddy - Personally, I buy all my domains through GoDaddy. They have great customer service and they always have sales. 
  • Terms & Conditions Generator - Free easy tool to generate simple terms and conditions pages. You will need to read through and maybe have them reviewed by an attorney, but they are a great starting point!