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Benefits Of Hosting A Virtual Summit

featured virtual summit 101 Mar 21, 2022
Benefits of Virtual Summits for small business owners

Virtual summits have tons of benefits, and I say that not just for the host and possible co-host, but actually for all the people included behind the scenes and those attending! 

Summits benefit their attendees by providing training and the information they need to make a transformation in their life or their business. People attend virtual summits because they are interested in the topics, which usually offer solutions to a problem they are faced with or a hurdle they need to overcome. 

And as you can imagine they provide many additional benefits for the host! 

As the event organizer, you can obviously expect to reap some big benefits from all the work you'll put in! I know it can sound daunting with so many tasks that need to be done, and all the organization that goes into pulling all the bits and pieces together, but trust me - your time and energy are well spent on hosting a virtual summit for more reasons than just one.

They are beneficial for your speakers because they provide opportunities to establish themselves as an expert, own the stage and build brand awareness, earn income through all-access pass sales, grow their audience by including a freebie in your virtual swag bag, grow their community by connecting with fellow speakers, sponsors, and attendees and feed their funnels with fresh leads and potential sales 

Benefits Of Hosting A Virtual Summit

  • You can generate new, highly-targeted leads for your business regardless of its current size. This is arguably the best part of creating your own virtual summit. Since you’re going to create your summit around a topic you love and that hopefully ties into your business goals, you can safely say every single person who signs up for your summit is genuinely interested in that topic. Which makes them a lead worth paying attention to.
  • You can increase your visibility to people who want to hear from you. Your speakers will be promoting the event to their current audiences–plus any new registrants you or they pick up along the way. Even if a speaker only has 1000 people on their email lists, that’s 1000 new eyeballs on your event and ultimately your business. And since most summits will have 20+ speakers, those numbers can add up really quickly. 
  • You can claim your position in your niche or make a pivot. Anybody who already knows you will instantly start to think of you as “the person who ran a summit on [X] topic.” And anybody who doesn’t already know you will see you as an (almost) automatic authority in that space. That said, there’s no better way to “get known” for something than to create a summit around it.
  • You can generate short-term revenue for your business. You can easily make a few thousand dollars off even the smallest/shortest virtual summit. You can also make tens of thousands and for some- much more than that off of a well-timed and well-produced event that serves a specific purpose! Selling all-access passes, VIP passes, or any paid ticket that offers something simple like replay access and additional bonuses makes a huge difference! And if you've positioned the event right and attracted the right audience members, your summit can turn many of your attendees into clients or customers down the line.
  • You can easily grow your professional network. Networking with others in your space is a no-brainer, and you never know where any of these connections could lead down the line. So think of your virtual summit as an opportunity to start a conversation with other people in your industry whom you may or may not have had a chance to work with in the past. 
  • You can accelerate nurturing people through the customer journey! We've all heard of know, like, and trust- well imagine if you could hit all those checkmarks for new people entering your orbit in just a few days! That's the power of virtual summits! People are introduced to you and then nurtured into your circle within the event, which means they feel much more connected to you and active directly following the event than with any email nurture sequence you could possibly write.  
  • You can launch a new course or product after the event for additional revenue. No need to waste the good rapport you've just built with your attendees- let them know you'll be launching a new product and how it will benefit them!  

We've now successfully covered 7 benefits of hosting a virtual summit, which I hope you've found interesting. When I first started planning virtual summits I had no idea what to expect or how great they could be for so many different aspects of my business. 

After my first virtual summit- I found out! 

I had what I like to call 'the great awakening'. I realized how incredible virtual summits were for scaling your business, building authority, and connecting people to the information and resources they needed the most.

Some of this had to do with the virtual summit platform I chose. I use HeySummit to host my events. It's an all-in-one platform that really makes it easy for anyone with or without tech skills to bring all the pieces together for an incredible event!

And while I didn't mention probably the biggest benefit of virtual summits in my list above, it goes without saying that helping people solve a problem and reach a goal is hands down the best benefit of virtual summits- and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about after you host yours.

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