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Virtual Event Without Planning It?

Let Our Team Handle The Planning, Coordination & Production Of Your Next Virtual Event. 

From strategic planning and speaker recruitment to live event production, we handle it all. We offer 2  tiers of done-with-you planning services that cater to small virtual events and large digital conferences of various sizes and complexities.

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Interested In Our Full-Service Virtual Event Planning?

consider our done for you services 👇🏽

we work with your team from start to finish while taking the heavy lifting off your plate

to plan and coordinate your event at different degrees of execution to make sure you have the right balance of support and services

From concept to launch, we conquer it all! 

Our full-service event planning is perfect for hosts who don't have time to worry about the details, tech, and setup. 

So we work behind the scenes to bring your virtual event ideas to fruition, make sure they're set up properly on the platform of your choice, and then hang out throughout the entire live event, to make sure everything runs as planned for your attendees. 

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Full-Service Planning

Pricing starting at  $12,500

Pre-Event Planning & Strategy

★ Collaborative Kick-off Meeting: We'll work closely with you to define your event goals, target audience, desired brand experience, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

★ Develop an Event Roadmap: Development of a comprehensive event plan with timelines, milestones, and resource allocation.

★ Content Brainstorming & Curation: Collaboratively develop a compelling content agenda featuring engaging presentations, workshops, and interactive sessions.

★ Communication: Monthly 1:1 planning meetings and a dedicated Slack channel for continuous communication.

Additional Services

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