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We simplify the planning, so you can focus on your message and your audience!

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Planning a multi-day virtual event can take months,

and with so many choices, decisions, and intimidating technology- it's enough to make anyone want to give up before they even begin.

but we're here to help support you every step of the way, so you don't find yourself...

  • Drowning in information overload¬†with too much too soon, and more to sort through than you ever wanted!
  • Unsure of the technical aspects¬†for¬†each platform option, add-on tools, and integrations.¬†
  • Ready to throw in the towel¬†because it all¬†feels intimidating, especially if you're not tech-savvy.
The Summit Host

is here to help with 3 levels of support!


Sit back, relax, and focus on your message, your goals and your audience. We handle everything from planning to execution.

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Get expert guidance, strategy, support, and project management, every step of the way. Take the pressure off and let us help , without the full-service commitment.

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Access a treasure trove of templates, tools, and resources to navigate the planning process independently.

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Let Our Team Handle The Planning, Coordination & Production Of Your Next Virtual Event. 

From strategic planning and speaker recruitment to live event production, we handle it all. We offer 2  tiers of done-with-you planning services that cater to small virtual events and large digital conferences of various sizes and complexities.

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Done With You

Take Your DIY Planning To The Next Level, With Our Done With Your Package. 

Work side-by-side with our team to make sure you get your virtual event planned and produced on time, on budget, and with the right level of support.

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Do It Yourself

Virtual Event Tools, Templates & Resources 

The Summit Host is your all-inclusive resource for virtual summits & events! We've got everything you need to plan, host, and profit from your BIG event idea! 

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 Meet Sharee

Owner | Founder

Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the web, where summits are the golden ticket to business growth, launching new products and services and building engaged audiences.

I hosted my first virtual summit in 2018 and welcomed 5K attendees and over $10K in revenue on the first day.

I knew immediately by the end results, that these virtual events, were the key to scaling a business and growing an engaged audience. 

After planning and hosting about a dozen virtual summits in the past few years, I detailed and developed my own system for planning and hosting virtual summits, which is something I'd love to teach you how to do!

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Why I ‚̧ԳŹ Virtual Events?

Virtual events are more than just webinars ‚Äď they're dynamic experiences that allow you to connect with a global audience and achieve a variety of goals. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out, a virtual summit can be the perfect tool to

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