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The Very First Step in Planning A Virtual Summit

plan virtual summit 101 Mar 21, 2023
Planning A Virtual Summit

You've had the big idea to plan and host your very first virtual summit. Congratulations! This is a big moment. The one right before you fall in love with virtual summits for all the wonderful benefits they offer hosts, speakers, attendees, and well-aligned sponsors!

Virtual Summits Are The Bomb.

Let's just be real. What other launch strategy, live event, or marketing campaign can deliver in all the ways a virtual summit does?

I can't think of any...

Virtual Summits just show up in all the right ways! They help early entrepreneurs build brands, grow audiences, and gain positions of authority in their niches. And they help established brands connect with targeted audiences and bring new products and services to market!

With all that good stuff said- you might be thinking you're ready to host a virtual summit and you probably can't wait to get started. The good news is that all of that excitement is the special sauce you need to make this magical thing called a virtual summit happen!

And you'll need all of it, so guard it well and channel it into the planning process to help you push through and launch an amazing event. 

The 1st Step in Planning a Virtual Summit

That's easy! And you've likely already done some of the work...

The very first step in planning a virtual summit is to choose a topic for your event. And while it can sound pretty easy- choosing a virtual summit topic is a big deal. It's a game changer that when done right can make for a great event that helps many people achieve a common goal. 

If done wrong, meaning you choose the wrong topic or maybe a topic you thought was perfect but maybe turned out to not be as great as you hoped, it could tank your event and ruin your virtual summit experience as a whole. 

 So let's take a minute to talk about how and why you need to choose the right topic for your virtual summits to make sure they get started on the right foot and have the best chances of being successful.

Choose the Right Virtual Summit Topic

Making sure you get your virtual summit topic right will make sure you set yourself up on the right track. Knowing your topic, your theme, and your goals for the transformation of your attendees from the very beginning will make your virtual summit planning seem easier and less stressful. 

Here are 3 easy tips for choosing the right summit topic and we'll walk through each one to make sure we're all on the same page. 

  1. Make sure your topic targets a niche audience. 
  2. Make sure your topic solves a real problem.
  3. Make sure your summit topic aligns well with your offer.

Make sure your topic targets a niche audience. 

Your summit topic should be very specific. It should not be vague. The topic of your virtual summit should be narrow and niched. It should appeal to a very specific individual who is searching for answers, tips, tools, or conversations about this specific topic. 

So make sure your virtual summit topic checks this box and delivers a targeted conversation to a specific audience. 

Make sure your topic solves a real problem.

A Virtual Summit is the perfect place to solve a problem for your audience. You've taken the time (3-4 months+) to curate an attractive line-up of speakers, sponsors, and industry professionals who can all speak on various sub-topics of your summit theme. 

When attendees take the time to attend your event and watch your presentations, they're in search of real answers to their problem(s). You need to make the promise of solving at least one problem for your attendees and then you need to deliver. 

Make sure your summit topic aligns well with your offer.

Lastly, you want to make sure your summit offer aligns well with whatever offer you plan to sell/launch. I would go one step further and say your summit topic should align with your business as a whole, but sometimes this is less of an issue than others. 

Having a topic that also aligns well with your post-summit offer, a new product/service launch or even your ticket options, helps ensure your attendees know the next steps and can easily say yes to choosing you as their guide.

Wrap-Up & Next Steps

Basically, you want to choose the right topic from the start!

Doing so will make your virtual summit planning so much easier by keeping everything aligned. It's worth the extra time and effort upfront to get it right so that in return you can pick the perfect speakers, industry experts, and brands for sponsorships, and more importantly- your attendees will know exactly what to expect!

For more information on choosing the right virtual summit topic read this post over on The Summit Host Website! My little spot on the web where virtual summits are all we talk about! Find all your planning and hosting tips, tricks, and advice in one place! Head over to The Summit Host to get started!

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