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Define Your Target Audience

plan virtual summit 101 Jul 18, 2022
define your virtual summit audience

Choosing the right target audience is another very important task that needs to be defined and firmed up right from the start! 

Your audience for the event is not just about how many people will ultimately sign up to attend, but more about who should actually attend. 

You have to niche down and find a specific audience demographic to speak to, or your event will come off as being too broad and general to actually be useful- and that's a HUGE mistake! 

Don't try to provide something for everyone. In fact, if you do use that phrase, which I have many times- shift your thinking to focus on having something for everyone (in your target audience). This means, you have a niche and you're giving people inside that niche a little something they find useful in a variety of different areas (still inside that niche). 

Defining Your Target Audience

Let's take one of my own summits as an example here. 

I created the #Vanlife Virtual Summit for people interested in living and traveling in a van full-time. 

This is obviously a very niched audience, who have specific needs, wants, and desires. My audience was tightly focused and you can tell immediately from the title, the copy we used as well as all the photos and the session topics- that if you're not interested in living and traveling in a van... this event is not for you. 

The logo was very distinct. 

The website copy was clear in messaging. 


Niche Down On Your Virtual Summit Topic

Your goal is to niche down as much as possible, while still serving a large audience. Your summit topic may speak to more than one audience, and that audience might be different than the audience you target for your actual business, which is generally okay, but you want to know who your target audience is, so you can speak to them directly.  

If another audience segment finds the content useful and helpful, that's a bonus! 

Once you nail down your topic and define who you're creating the event for, everything else will feel a lot more effortless.

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