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How To Host A Virtual Summit On Kajabi

plan using kajabi virtual summit 101 virtual summit tools & resources May 29, 2023
kajabi virtual summit

Do you currently use Kajabi for running your online business? If so, then today is your lucky day! I'll be talking about how you can use your current (or a brand new) website to host a Kajabi virtual summit with barely any additional tech! 

Because let's face it, in today's digital era, hosting virtual events has become the norm. From conferences to networking gatherings, the world has shifted towards online platforms, opening up endless possibilities for connecting with like-minded individuals worldwide.

One of these powerful platforms that allows you to host a virtual summit without reinventing the wheel is Kajabi.

So in this blog post, I'll be diving into the world of Kajabi virtual summits and exploring how Kajabi empowers event organizers to create immersive and engaging experiences for their attendees. Whether you're an entrepreneur, educator, or industry expert, Kajabi provides you with the tools and features needed to bring your vision to life and connect with a global audience like never before.

Join us as we unravel the benefits of hosting a virtual summit on Kajabi and discover how this platform can help you create a seamless event that educates, inspires, and fosters meaningful connections.

Kajabi Virtual Summits Overview

Kajabi is not just a run-of-the-mill platform; it's a comprehensive all-in-one business solution designed to simplify the process of operating online and by extension... hosting virtual events.

For most of my events, I've used a summit hosting platform called HeySummit that I can't say enough good things about! It takes a lot of the leg work out of things like creating stand-alone pages and a full website, but I've recently found that using Kajabi is just as good! 

Here's why-

I love the freedom to create your funnel the way you see fit!

From setting up a visually stunning summit registration page to creating specific offers that lead users through unique journeys - I love the ability to really create an end-to-end experience inside the same place where your actual business is run from!

The analytics in Kajabi is great! 

Kajabi streamlines the entire virtual summit event management process. It provides a seamless ecosystem where you can effortlessly handle registration, deliver value-packed sessions, and build a thriving community.

5 Reasons To Host Your Virtual Summit On Kajabi

  1. Customizable Summit Website: Kajabi offers an awesome website builder that allows you to design a killer summit website tailored to your event branding and theme.

  2. Easy Delivery: Kajabi's video hosting capabilities enable you to deliver high-quality pre-recorded sessions without having to host them elsewhere! You can also link video tools live webinars tool, for interactive elements like Q&A sessions and panel discussions. 

  3. Community Building: Building connections and fostering networking opportunities are crucial aspects of any summit. Kajabi's community features facilitate engagement and interaction among attendees, allowing them to connect, share insights, and form meaningful relationships that extend beyond the event itself.

  4. Monetization Opportunities: Whether you're looking to generate revenue from ticket sales, upsells, or affiliate programs, Kajabi has you covered. Kajabi provides a range of monetization options, enabling you to maximize your summit's profitability and offer premium experiences to attendees, and actually track everything end to end.

  5. Data and Analytics: And last but not least, Kajabi's robust analytics and tracking capabilities provide valuable insights into attendee engagement, content performance, and revenue generation. Personally, I love that you can see all of this information for everyone on your Kajabi site that is engaging with your event as well as some stats for general things like page views and conversion data! With this data at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions, (which is a HUGE benefit for virtual event hosts) optimize your summit's impact, and refine future event strategies. 

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, I think we'll see more and more Kajabi business owners hosting virtual summits on Kajabi! Since it offers such a variety of benefits for event organizers and attendees alike and since they are already using it for their business website and CRM platform- it's really a win-win.

How To Host A Virtual Sumit On Kajabi

Now that we've talked about why Kajabi is a great platform to host a virtual summit on, it's time to talk through some of the general set up on how you'll want to get this going. And as with every project you take on, you'll have some upfront planning that needs to happen.

This will include defining your theme, selecting topics and speakers, defining your target audience, choosing how many days your event will run, deciding which virtual summit session will be recorded and which will be live, among setting your goals. 

Once you know what your event will include and how you see it running, you can start working on setting up your virtual summit inside your Kajabi account. And we have a great Kajabi Virtual Summit Template Pack with over a dozen templates that help take the heavy lifting out!

  1. Create a Landing Page For Summit Registration: Begin by creating a dedicated landing page for your virtual summit. Use Kajabi's page builder to design an attractive and compelling landing page that highlights the value and benefits of attending the summit. Include an enticing headline, engaging copy, and a clear call-to-action (CTA) for visitors to register.

  2. Set Up A Registration Opt-in Form: Within the landing page, add an opt-in form using Kajabi's form builder. Collect essential attendee information such as name and email address. Consider adding optional fields to gather additional details like job title, company name, or specific interests.

  3. Create a Thank You Page: After visitors submit the opt-in form, direct them to a Thank You page. Customize this page with a confirmation message and any additional instructions or details they need to know.

  4. Set Up A Welcome Sequence Automation: Use Kajabi's email automation feature to create a series of emails that will be sent to your attendees after they register. Set up a welcome email to thank them for registering and provide any necessary details about the summit. And create follow-up emails to share updates, reminders, and exclusive content before and during the summit.

  5. Build a Sales Page For Your All Access Pass: If you are offering an All Access Pass for extended access to your virtual summit, create a sales page using Kajabi's page builder that showcases the benefits attendees will get from upgrading their tickets. Highlight the additional benefits and value attendees will receive with the upgraded package. Include pricing details, payment options, and a clear CTA to encourage sales.

  6. Set Up A Product For You All Event: Create an online course on Kajabi where participants can access the summit content. This will serve as the central hub for hosting and organizing your virtual summit as well as where buyers of your All-Access Pass will continue to engage with summit content after the live event run.
  7. Set Up An Event Schedule: Create a schedule or agenda page for your virtual summit. You can then use organize sessions by date, time, and topic to ensure your attendees can easily navigate and access each session.
  8. Create Daily Modules & Session Lessons: Create a daily module for each day of your event and then individual sessions for each summit presentation. This could include video presentations, keynote speeches, interviews, panel discussions, or any other relevant content. Upload or embed the content within your Kajabi course for each session.
  9. Deliver Additional Summit Resources: Enhance your virtual summit attendee experience by providing additional resources to participants. This could include downloadable materials, worksheets, or audio-only content. Upload these resources to your Kajabi product for easy access.

While not an exhaustive list of the steps you'll need to execute a full virtual summit on Kajabi, this is a high-level look at the key pieces you'll need in place for your event.

While Kajabi may not have dedicated virtual summit features (although they do have a lightweight funnel you can use if you wish), you can also easily leverage its existing tools to create a comprehensive virtual summit experience.  

By following these steps, you can set up a virtual summit funnel in Kajabi that effectively captures leads, promotes sales, and delivers a seamless registration and attendee experience. And if you're ready to get your virtual summit setup using Kajabi, without starting from scratch and having to recreate the wheel, check out our Kajabi Virtual Summit Template Pack!

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