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What Is A Low Ticket Offer [Plus] 15 Simple Low Ticket Offer Ideas

events & promos featured modern business Jun 26, 2023
Low Ticket Offer

Have you noticed a lot of online business owners are promoting tiny offers of like $7 ebooks and $9 memberships? These are called low ticket offers and let's be honest, they are everywhere right now! 

I have been exploring what I would create as a low-ticket membership, because I would love to offer more summit support and training, but can't really take on more clients each quarter to get that done. 

So, if you're like me and you've been seeing these offers all over the internet and probably have purchased a few, but are wondering what they are and how you can get one set up for your business- then keep reading! This blog post will cover the ins and outs of low ticket offers, how to make sure they pack high value, and 15 simple low ticket offer ideas to get you started! 

Get ready. Get set, we're about to talk low ticket...

What Is A Low Ticket Offer?

In the world of sales, the concept of a low-ticket offer has gained increasing popularity over the years.

A low-ticket offer is a product or service that is priced at a low cost, for me, a low ticket means less than $20 (but other people would say $50-$100) but I think we can all agree these offers are easy wins for the creator and no-brainers for the buyer.

The goal is to entice potential customers to take action without hesitation, making it a low-risk way to introduce them to your business.

But where does a low-ticket offer fit into a larger sales funnel with multiple offers at different prices?

A low-ticket offer is typically the first step in a sales funnel.

It’s the gateway to your higher-priced products or services. Once a customer has made a low-ticket purchase and experienced the value of your offering, they’re more likely to make larger purchases in the future.

You know what they say, the first purchase from a new customer is always the hardest. So let's explore some simple ideas for low ticket offers that you can start thinking about for your business. 

15 Simple Ideas For Low-Ticket Offers

  1. A mini-course or workshop on a specific topic - A focused course that provides in-depth education on a specific topic.
  2. A downloadable ebook or guide - A digital book or guide that provides valuable information on a specific topic.
  3. A template or worksheet that helps your audience achieve a specific goal - A customizable tool that helps your audience achieve a specific goal, such as a meal planning worksheet or a budgeting template.
  4. A digital calendar or planner - A digital tool that helps your audience organize their schedule and manage their time.
  5. Access to a private Facebook group or community - An exclusive group or community where your audience can connect with you and other like-minded individuals.
  6. A cheat sheet or quick reference guide - A condensed version of valuable information that your audience can reference quickly and easily.
  7. A printable poster or infographic - A visual tool that communicates valuable information in an easily digestible format.
  8. A free trial or demo of your software or service - A no-commitment way for your audience to try out your product or service before making a purchase.
  9. A discount code for your product or service - A special offer that encourages your audience to make a purchase at a discounted price.
  10. A personalized assessment or quiz - A tool that helps your audience identify their strengths and weaknesses, or their specific needs, in order to provide targeted solutions.
  11. A webinar or live training session - A live online session that provides education and training on a specific topic.
  12. A video tutorial or series - A series of instructional videos that provide step-by-step guidance on a specific topic.
  13. A challenge or email course - A structured program that provides daily or weekly challenges or lessons via email.
  14. A sample of your product or service - A small taste of your product or service to encourage potential customers to make a purchase.
  15. A curated list of resources or tools that your audience would find valuable - A list of valuable resources, such as books, podcasts, or websites, that are relevant to your audience and provide additional value beyond your own offerings.

These low-ticket offer ideas can be adapted to fit a variety of niches and audiences. And by providing high-value offerings at a low price point, you can build trust with your audience and generate revenue for your business.

Let's talk about value next!

Make Your Low Ticket Offer High Value

Now that we’ve covered what a low-ticket offer is and where it fits into a sales funnel, let’s talk about how you can create a high-value low-ticket offer that's very attractive to potential buyers. 

The value of a low-ticket offer lies in the fact that it provides a taste of what you have to offer without the commitment of a larger purchase. It’s a great way to build trust with your audience and showcase your expertise by helping the buyer solve a specific problem. This alone is incredibly valuable!

By providing a high-value low-ticket offer, you’re showing your audience that you’re invested in their success and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to help them achieve their goals.

The key to creating a successful low-ticket offer is to provide something that your audience needs and wants. This could be a mini-course, an ebook, an informative cheat sheet, or a ready-made template they can use immediately to cut out a lot of leg work... The key is to make sure that the offer provides real value and solves a problem that your audience is facing.

Another way to create a high-value low-ticket offer is to bundle it with other complementary products or services. For example, going back to our example of if you’re a fitness coach, you could offer a low-ticket offer of a workout plan, and bundle it with a recipe book or a coaching session.

By stacking a few products together, you increase the value of your offer and provide additional help to your customer. 

My Own $9 Membership

I've recently created my first $9 membership- which is open to anyone interested in making Virtual Summits part of their business for the long term! It's called Office Hours, and you can basically pop in on my home office once a month and ask your questions!

It's easy for me to facilitate so there's no need to charge more than $9, but it's high value for anyone who's part of the membership because they can pop in each month and get instant feedback before, during or after their event! 

I've just launched Office Hours, but give it a look and see if you think $9 is worth instant access!

Low Ticket Offers Are Powerful

Remember a low-ticket offer can be a powerful tool to boost your revenue and introduce potential customers to your business.

By providing a high-value offer, you’re building trust with your audience and creating a pathway for future sales. So, if you’re considering creating a low-ticket offer, make sure it provides real value and fits into your larger sales funnel strategy.

Want to learn more about how to incorporate low-ticket offers? 

I have just the thing for you...

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From 10th - 13th July 2023, you can watch 30 presentations all about creating, positioning, marketing, and selling your next low ticket offer. 

Some speakers will share about their unique low ticket offers (like 1:1 support, mini memberships, & tiny courses!)...

… while others will give you insight into selling strategies specifically geared toward low ticket products and services (such as creating a memorable customer experience, mastering your microcopy, & increasing your average order value with bumps/upsells). 

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