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Creating Your Paid Virtual Summit Tickets

plan virtual summit 101 Jan 17, 2023
Paid Virtual Summit Tickets

Your virtual summit is free to attend but you also have a paid ticket or maybe two paid tickets, that attendees can choose to purchase for additional benefits and extended access. 

These are called all-access passes although sometimes I call them VIP Passes to switch things up. 

Your all-access pass, in the simplest form, includes extended access to your video replays. This means anyone who missed the live premier or wants to re-watch a session will need to purchase an all-access ticket to gain the access they need to watch them. 

To add additional value to your all-access pass and to make them more attractive to your attendees, I suggest adding bonuses from your speakers and sponsors, as well as your own!

This will increase the value of your all-access pass way beyond what just a video replay is worth and extends it to include the additional price points of multiple-tiered offers, downloads, courses, training sessions, and much more! 

I recommend you automatically have your speakers enrolled in an affiliate program for the all-access passes, so they can easily monetize their participation in your summit by referring people to the event. 

All-access passes can be a major part of how your virtual summit generates profits both for you and your speakers. 

Since I use HeySummit for this, it's super easy to set up all speakers as affiliates with a predetermined commission rate on any paid tickets. And regardless of if they refer someone to a free ticket that only includes the live event or if the person goes straight for the all-access pass- they will earn their commission on the sale and see a payout after the event. 


Here’s How Paid Virtual Summit Tickets Work

An all-access pass generally costs anywhere between $27-$97 and provides pass holders with extended viewing access to your event videos after the live premier times (or short viewing window) have ended. 

And just like with your free ticket, you have a lot of room to customize your all-access passes and include additional perks and bonuses like:  

  • Access to a paid product or service you would like attendees to take as their next step. 
  • Additional bonuses are provided by your speakers and sponsors. 
  • Custom 'cliff note' types note pages with key takeaways and action steps for each session.
  • Audio-only files or a private podcast feed.
  • Extra bonuses or perks during the summit, like a bonus Q+A session(s) or a networking meet-up
  • Access to a special Facebook group where only paid attendees will have special live videos from speakers and additional access beyond the live event. 
  • Ongoing access to a membership site or a free trial.
  • Anything that provides attendees with extra opportunities to engage with you and/or the speakers 

You can include literally anything you want into your all-access passes, but the goal should always be to add value for the attendees. So just keep that in mind and I think you'll find a ton of creative options beyond what we've outlined here. 

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