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The Best of Both Worlds: Lessons Learned From Co-Hosting Virtual Summits

my virtual summits partner personal thoughts Nov 20, 2023
Lessons Learned From Co-Hosting Virtual Summits

Virtual summits have become one of my most profitable and impactful passion projects!

They offer the chance to collaborate on different levels with speakers, sponsors, and sometimes even a well-aligned co-host, who's looking to deliver the same goals and reap the same benefits! 

Over the past 5 years, I've had the ultimate pleasure of co-hosting several events, including the 

  • Teach Me How To Summit I & II
  • The RV Family Virtual Summit
  • The Vanlife Virtual Summit
  • Ready to Renovate

and even a few client events! 

These events not only fulfill my desire for large-scale project management, logistics, and extensive partnerships but also offer amazing opportunities that continue to yield results long after the live event ends.

Co-Hosting Virtual Summit

Over the past five years, I've had the privilege of organizing numerous gatherings that brought together inspiring individuals, industry experts, and enthusiastic attendees. In fact, in just five months of 2021, I successfully hosted seven events (both online and in-person) with thousands of participants and a diverse range of sponsors!

The truth is, co-hosting virtual summits, in my opinion, is the best of both worlds! (Check out my services, if you're looking for someone with summit experience to co-host your event!)

Embarking on such a large-scale project with a partner by your side is HUGE when you're used to working mostly by yourself. 

I mean, to be honest, I do have a small team, of a few contractors and my family, but working alongside another online entrepreneur who understands the ins and outs of digital marketing, engagement, and sales is a big difference!

So through organizing multiple events within a short period of time, I've been able to reflect on the secret ingredient that enabled me to consistently deliver impactful, inspiring, and educational experiences. And while I'd love to say it was my well-crafted project plans and killer Canva templates...

the truth is, it was the presence of exceptional co-hosts for each event.

Co-hosting virtual summits is an art

that requires finesse and strategic thinking.

There are effective approaches to embrace and countless pitfalls to avoid. Today, I would like to share with you some of the biggest lessons I've gained from co-hosting multiple virtual summits with a variety of different personality types.

I'll give you my personal thoughts so that whether you are an aspiring event host or a seasoned professional, you can make informed decisions about whether co-hosting your next event is the right plan of attack.

Let's get started. 

9 Lessons From Co-Hosting Virtual Summits

  • Lesson 1: Protect The Partnership - When you go into a partnership you will need a contract that clearly outlines assets, roles, job duties, due dates, intellectual property, and even the termination of the agreement. 
  • Lesson 2: Alignment of Goals and Vision - Before co-hosting a virtual event, it is crucial to ensure that all co-hosts have a shared understanding of the goals and vision for the event. This alignment will help create a cohesive experience for attendees and prevent any conflicts or miscommunications during the planning and execution phases.
  • Lesson 3: Embrace The Power of Collaboration - Collaboration holds immense power when it comes to producing successful events. Working closely with another partner not only lightens the workload but also brings fresh insights and perspectives beyond your own vision.
  • Lesson 4: Decide Early On Pre-Defined Roles - By assigning pre-defined roles to each co-host of the event, you can set yourself up for a smooth execution. Because clearly defined responsibilities allow you to focus on what you need to get done with full confidence in your co-hosts' abilities to handle their own.
  • Lesson 5: Lean Into Your Complementary Expertise - Co-hosting a virtual event allows for the pooling of diverse skills and expertise. It is important to choose co-hosts who bring complementary strengths to the table, such as marketing, content creation, technical know-how, or audience engagement. 
  • Lesson 6: Embrace New Ideas & Be Flexible - Embracing flexibility in accepting new ideas and possibilities allows both hosts to feel invested in the final result. By actively involving everyone in the planning and decision-making stages, you create a more comprehensive event experience for your attendees. 
  • Lesson 7: Project Management & Organization Is Crucial - Organizational skills play a pivotal role in achieving success when planning a virtual event. An organized system minimizes stress and enhances the entire planning and production process of your virtual summit.
  • Lesson 8: Clear & Effective Communication Is Key - There is no room for misunderstandings or beating around the bush. Coordinating with your co-host requires transparent communication—saying what you mean and meaning what you say—to ensure a cohesive partnership that yields exceptional results.
  • Lesson 9: Be As Detailed As Possible - Attention to detail is an absolute must when planning a large-scale project like a virtual summit. Dedicate sufficient time to each task, giving it the attention it deserves. Triple-checking your work will save you from potential mishaps and ensure a flawless event.

For me, having an exceptional co-host to collaborate with not only provided fresh ideas, support, and deeper insights but also shared 50% of the workload.

Choosing a co-host who shares your passion for the project as well as your desire to help attendees reach their big goals, is HUGE. And in my experience, these types of partnerships have transformed my virtual summits into remarkable experiences, unlocking doors to future opportunities, generating significant results, and garnering a legion of loyal fans.

Therefore, if you have an event idea on the horizon—regardless of its size—I wholeheartedly encourage you to consider co-hosting as an option.

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