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How To Promote Your Virtual Summit To Your Email List

prepare promote Jan 29, 2024
Promote Your Virtual Summit To Your Email List

If you're looking for effective strategies to increase your virtual summit attendance rates and build stronger connections with your audience, then you need to know how to promote your event to your email list! 

People on your list have already shown interest in what you have to offer by willingly sharing their contact information. They trust and value your content, making them more likely to take action.

  • But how many emails should you send?
  • Should you target specific segments?
  • Should you use the same emails you created for speakers?
  • And what about those people who show interest but don't register right away???

These are all great questions and ones we'll discuss in this blog post, so get ready for a good read! 

In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into these strategies and provide you with actionable tips to optimize your email marketing strategy. By leveraging the power of your email list, you can create excitement, generate registrations, and make a lasting impact with your virtual summit.

So let's get started on maximizing the potential of your own email list for promoting your virtual summit!

Promoting Your Summit to Your Own Email List

Your email list consists of people who have already shown interest in what you have to offer.

They have willingly shared their contact information with you, indicating that they trust and value your content. By promoting your virtual summit directly to your own email subscribers, you are targeting an audience that is already engaged and more likely to take action.

You know, the people who actually...

  • know
  • like
  • and trust you

And guess what, not only does promoting your summit to your own email list increase attendance rates, but it also helps build stronger connections with your subscribers.

It allows you to showcase your expertise, provide exclusive updates, and create a sense of exclusivity for those who are part of your community.

How Many Emails Should You Send

Finding the right balance is crucial when it comes to sending promotional emails for your virtual summit.

While you want to ensure that your audience stays informed about the event, bombarding them with too many emails can be overwhelming and lead to unsubscribes.

A general rule of thumb is to start with an initial announcement email introducing the summit and its key benefits. This should be a solo email that only focuses on your upcoming event and provides the details as well as the excitement people need to know to register!

Follow up with a few reminders as the event approaches, highlighting different aspects such as speakers, topics, or bonuses available. These can be a mix of solo emails as well as upcoming event round-ups, mentions, and even just a short sentence in a P.S. 

Just aim for a frequency that keeps participants engaged without becoming intrusive.

Make Your Emails Unique From Swipe Templates

Creating swipe email templates for your speakers is a great way to streamline communication and ensure consistent messaging throughout the promotion process. However, it may not always be appropriate or effective to send these same templates to your email list.

While the content may be relevant, it is important to personalize your emails and tailor them to your specific audience.

Craft emails that resonate with your subscribers, focusing on their pain points and showcasing the unique value they will receive by attending your virtual summit. Afterall, you're the event host and your audience should be made to feel special, by not getting the same information in the same format as they would be able to get from everywhere else! 

So take some extra time to curate your own emails and make them stand out from the pack with personal touches that allow you and your event to shine.

  • Create unique copy from speaker swipe files
  • Include mentions of different highlighted sessions and speakers
  • Showcase different images than you've provided to speakers
  • Add personal stories or mentions that tie into the event

Should You Send Targeted Emails

Segmenting your email list can significantly improve the effectiveness of your promotional efforts.

If you have a large email list or one that contains people with different goals and interests, then rather than sending emails to everyone indiscriminately, consider creating targeted lists based on subscriber preferences, past engagement, or specific topics related to your virtual summit.

Identify what segments you have or can create and craft tailored messaging that speaks directly to these segments. 

By sending tailored messages to segmented groups, you can provide more personalized content and increase the chances of conversion. This approach allows you to cater to different interests within your audience and make each recipient feel like they are receiving a message specifically designed for them.

Tag People Who Click on Your Event Announcements

Tracking engagement is essential when promoting any event, including virtual summits.

By tagging people who click on your event announcements, you gain valuable insights into their interest level and can further customize their experience. Tagging allows you to identify highly engaged individuals who have shown an active interest in attending your summit.

Most email service providers offer the ability to tag specific people when specific actions are taken!

Inside Kajabi, we can tag actions like clicking on specific links, opening emails, visiting specific pages on our website, completing purchases, and so much more! 

This comes into play with your virtual summit announcement emails, because you can segment people who are taking action (showing interest) in your event. 

With this information, you can send follow-up emails or offers specifically tailored to these potential attendees. You can also create a short sequence that talks directly to people who have shown interest.

It helps you nurture these leads and increase the likelihood of them registering for your event.

Promote Your Virtual Summit To Your Email List

As you can probably tell by now, promoting your virtual summit to your email list is an effective way to engage your audience and boost your virtual summit attendance.

By understanding the importance of personalization, segmentation, and nurturing leads, you can optimize your email marketing strategy leading to a more successful event.

So leverage the power of your email list to create excitement, generate registrations, and make a lasting impact with your virtual summit.

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