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Top Virtual Summit Platforms: HeySummit vs. Airmeet

featured virtual summit tools & resources Jul 31, 2023
Virtual Summit Platforms

Whether you're hosting a virtual summit this year, this quarter, or this month, one of the big key decisions you'll be facing early on in your planning process will be choosing what virtual summit platform to run your event on. 

While many of us have websites built on WordPress or Kajabi, where we can run full events without the extra tech - if we choose, sometimes having an external platform that does all the things virtual summits require can make a big difference in a successful and engaging experience for your attendees.

I've found that there are two popular contenders in the virtual summit platform market that really deliver a great experience-  HeySummit and Airmeet.

In this blog post, we'll provide a detailed comparison of these two virtual summit platforms, covering their key features, video capabilities, and networking features, as well as their respective pros and cons.

I've used both platforms for multiple events and really love them both, although they are quite different from both the host and attendee perspectives.

Let's dive in and explore how these virtual summit platforms measure up against each other in the realm of virtual event hosting.

HeySummit Virtual Summit Platform

HeySummit is the very first virtual summit platform I used. It was a great find in a time of panic and absolutely delivered the full event experience that I had in mind for my attendees starting with my very first event back in 2018.

HeySummit is a comprehensive virtual event platform that serves as an all-in-one solution for hosting virtual summits, conferences, webinars, and online events. The platform is designed to empower event organizers with tools for effortless event creation and management while providing attendees with a seamless and user-friendly experience.

If you're looking for a virtual event platform that takes out a lot of the leg work (for setting things up and linking them together) then HeySummit is the tool for you! 

Here are some of HeySummit's key features

  • Intuitive Event Creation: HeySummit offers an intuitive event creation process, allowing organizers to set up their virtual events with customizable branding options to reflect their organization's identity and theme.
  • Speaker Management: The platform provides efficient speaker management tools, allowing organizers to manage speaker applications, bios, session schedules, and content seamlessly.
  • Attendee Experience: HeySummit prioritizes attendees' experience by providing a user-friendly interface that grants easy access to sessions, chat options, and networking opportunities.

If you haven't read our full HeySummit Review- click here to read about all the amazing features HeySummit offers. 

Airmeet Virtual Summit Platform

Airmeet, on the other hand, focuses on creating interactive and engaging virtual events centered around networking and collaboration. I've used this platform for just that in virtual events that provided networking rooms, co-working opportunities, as well as exhibitor booths.

The platform offers virtual tables and networking rooms, and even a spacial networking room that simulates real-life conference interactions in a visually appealing environment.

One thing I love about Airmeet has been the focus on networking and mirroring in-person experiences. Sometimes with virtual summits, they can get a bit stale with pre-recorded videos without a way to actually connect and meet with fellow attendees and even speakers. But this is really where Airmeet shines!

Here are some of Airmeet's key features 

  • Social Lounge: Airmeet's standout feature is its virtual tables and networking rooms, enabling attendees to interact and network with one another in real time. In the social lounge, you can have open tables for networking in-between sessions, as well as pre-schedule networking activities like Speed Networking which is easy to set up and automated. 
  • Third-Party Integrations: The platform seamlessly integrates with popular collaboration tools like Zoom and Google Meet, offering flexibility in session streaming and collaboration options, but also provides a space to record your sessions right on the platform, and then download if necessary later. 
  • Green Room: If you're recording live in Airmeet, one of the best features is the green room which allows event hosts and speakers to test tech and have a pre-event chat prior to going live on the main stage. You can also return to the green room at anytime during the live stream without ending the session and then return to live when needed. 
  • Spacial Networking Rooms: In addition to the social lounge, you can schedule spacial rooms where each participant shows up as a digital orb. Your orb (which links to your video camera) can move about the space using your mouse or keyboard to enter and exit conversations as if you're walking around a room.
  • Sponsorship Opportunities: Airmeet offers various sponsorship options, promoting engagement with sponsors and generating revenue for virtual summits.
  • Exhibitor Booths: Airmeet offers an exhibitor hall where you can have virtual booths. I love this feature for expanding the sponsorship capabilities and for hosting things like Job Fairs and vendor expos! 

Video Capabilities of HeySummit & Airmeet

No virtual event would come to fruition without video capabilities! So whether you are planning to host all your videos live on web conferencing software or you're going to pre-record and link to your videos- you need video for your virtual event. 

Let's see how each of these virtual event platforms stack up when it comes to delivering the video content! 

HeySummit Video Options

HeySummit supports live streaming and pre-recorded video content, allowing organizers to deliver dynamic sessions in real-time or offer on-demand access. To accomplish any video session on HeySummit, you'll need to link out to the live session via Zoom, LiveWebinar, or event to Airmeet (as I've done in previous events). 

So as long as you have a link, you can probably make it work with HeySummit. However, HeySummit doesn't have the ability to record or store live videos on the platform. You will always need a space to host or stream from.

Airmeet Video Options:

Airmeet also supports live video streaming, but it goes one step further and allows organizers the ability to host interactive sessions with speakers and attendees inside the platform. So in addition to Airmeet's integration with third-party collaboration tools like Zoom and Google Meet, you can simply schedule a live session on Airmeet and offer recordings all inside one platform.

You can also record the session then download the video, export it from Airmeet and use it however you'd like. 

Networking Features HeySummit & Airmeet

Networking and Engagement are two pieces of the virtual summit puzzle that all event hosts will have to address! Keeping your attendees attention throughout your full event, as well as inside individual sessions is a big deal and can really impact the success of your event. 

If people sign up and then don't actually attend or participate in the event, it can be heartbreaking. One way to encourage them to attend, participate and really get the most out of the content you've so passionately curated for them, is to add ways for attendees to network and have conversations. 

HeySummit Networking & Engagement

HeySummit provides networking opportunities through chat options during sessions, fostering communication between attendees, speakers, and sponsors. I've used these chat boxes successfully in most of the events I've hosted on HeySummit and people do love them! 

They add an extra layer of connection to the speakers, and sponsors who are appearing on the screen (for pre-corded sessions) and allow us to do Q&A while the session is airing live. I find this to be a big benefit depending on the target audience and the size of the event because Speakers can show up for about an hour to really engage with attendees and help keep the energy high throughout the event. 

Airmeet Networking & Engagement

Airmeet excels in networking features, offering virtual tables and networking rooms where attendees can engage in one-on-one video chats and group discussions. As I mentioned above, this is kind of their special sauce. 

Networking & engagement are really well infused into the Airmeet platform. From the moment you open the event website and start allowing registrations, people will be able to build a profile. This profile wi viewable in the event "People" area and allows other attendees to reach out for chats, schedule meetings, and keep track of who's 'winning' on the leaderboard If you choose to use this additional feature.

This creates an immersive and interactive networking experience, replicating the in-person event environment.

HeySummit: Pros & Cons


  • Extensive Customization: HeySummit offers a high level of customization, allowing you as the event host to tailor your virtual events according to your unique vision for what you see as the perfect experience.
  • Seamless Integration: The platform integrates smoothly with registration and ticketing services, streamlining the attendee onboarding process.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: This is by far one of my favorite parts of using HeySummit! The HeySummit team provides you with quick, reliable, and dedicated customer support throughout your event planning process as well as the live run! 


  • Limited Built-in Video Streaming: HeySummit's video streaming capabilities might have some limitations compared to other platforms.
  • Networking Features: I think the additional of some additional networking capabilities could really take the HeySummit platform to the next level! 

Click here to grab a free trial on HeySummit & try it out for yourself!

Airmeet: Pros & Cons


  • Exceptional Networking Features: Airmeet's virtual tables and networking rooms enhance the networking experience for everyone! From the host and speakers to the attendees and even your event sponsors, these networking features just add another layer to an already great event experience. 
  • Seamless Integration: The platform's integration capabilities with third-party collaboration tools make it easy to host sessions and workshops. There are many different use cases for the Airmeet platform from full event to just using it for the networking aspects, as I've done in the past. 
  • Powerful Analytics: I love the Airmeet analytics! Airmeet really provides detailed and comprehensive event insights and analytics, allowing the even host to gain valuable data for performance assessment.


  • Limited Branding Options: Airmeet's customization options might be comparatively limited for organizers looking to implement extensive branding elements.
  • Additional Marketing Efforts: Depending on the audience, organizers may need to invest additional efforts in marketing to ensure adequate attendee acquisition.

Click here to learn more about Airmeet!

Top Virtual Summit Platforms

Both HeySummit and Airmeet are powerful virtual event platforms, each excelling in different areas. HeySummit provides comprehensive event management and attendee engagement features, while Airmeet stands out with its exceptional networking capabilities and seamless integration with third-party tools.

Depending on what type of event you're hosting and what your goals are for engagement, either platform would be an incredible choice. And sometimes, you might find that using a little of both is the way to go! 

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