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Virtual Events Platforms: 7 Ways To Host A Successful Virtual Event

plan prepare virtual summit tools & resources Dec 18, 2023
Virtual Events Platforms

Whether you consider yourself a virtual business owner, online course creator, membership owner, or virtual coach, hosting a virtual summit can help you scale your business, attract fresh leads, establish more authority, and boost your income from signature offer sales.

To ensure a seamless and engaging virtual event, you not only need to know what virtual event platforms are available but also choose the one that suits you best!

In this blog, we'll explore some of the top virtual events platforms and tools you can use to produce your own successful events.

7 Virtual Events Platforms To Consider

There are many ways to host a virtual summit as well as digital events in general.

Below I'd like to talk you through 7 virtual event platforms that you can use to create a successful virtual summit, possibly using some of the tools you already do. 


Elevate Your Virtual Events to New Heights

HeySummit is a powerful platform designed specifically for hosting virtual summits.

I've used HeySummit to run over a dozen virtual events and each one ran smoothly without technical issues or much else. Its user-friendly interface and robust features, allow you to effortlessly create and manage your event, from speaker management to attendee registration.

Its customizable landing pages, seamless integration with popular marketing tools, and built-in analytics make it a top choice for those looking to elevate their virtual events to new heights.

Interested in HeySummit? Check out these posts below. 


All-in-One Platform for Virtual Event Success

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that not only facilitates virtual events but also offers a suite of tools for online course creation, membership sites, and digital product sales.

With Kajabi, you can easily set up and manage your virtual event, create engaging content, and monetize your expertise.

I've used Kajabi to host my recent TMHTS virtual event and found it to be a great experience not just for me and my team of Speakers, but also most notably for the attendees. Its seamless integration with built-in email marketing, payment gateways, and customer management makes it a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs looking to streamline their business operations.

Interested in running your virtual summit on Kajabi? 


Simplify Your Virtual Event Sales Process

While not specifically designed for virtual events, Thrivecart is a powerful e-commerce platform that can greatly simplify your event's sales process.

It offers a simple lifetime payment that's attractive to entrepreneurs who can utilize the platform for courses, affiliates, and even JR partnerships when not running a summit!

Thrivecart allows you to create high-converting sales funnels, manage your products and pricing, and seamlessly integrate with various payment gateways. By using Thrivecart alongside your chosen virtual events platform or by itself to host the full event, you can supercharge your sales and increase your revenue.


Create Immersive Virtual Experiences

Airmeet is a virtual events platform that aims to replicate the feel of in-person conferences and meetups.

With features like virtual lobbies, networking lounges, and interactive sessions, Airmeet offers a highly immersive experience for both organizers and attendees. So whether you're hosting a small workshop, networking meetup, virtual trade show, or a large-scale conference, Airmeet provides the tools and flexibility to create meaningful connections and engage your audience.

I've used Airmeet just a few times, but was amazed by the functionality, analytics as well and how much attendees seem to enjoy the experience! Learn more about Airmeet for yourself by clicking here! 


Showcase Your Virtual Event in Style

Vimeo is a popular video hosting platform that can be effectively utilized to showcase your virtual event content.

High-quality video playback, a customizable video player, and advanced privacy settings make Vimeo an incredible choice for hosting your virtual summit videos! Vimeo allows you to present your event recordings in a professional and polished manner.

We've used Vimeo to host all our video content since our very first event. And while we link out to the content or embed the video players on external web pages, you could opt to utilize showcases and playlists to harness a more event-like setup on Vimeo's or use the live broadcast options.

Lastly, Vimeo's robust analytics and marketing features enable you to track viewer engagement and optimize your event's reach, which are both incredible pro's! 


Unleash Your Creativity with Virtual Events

Sessions is a versatile video platform that empowers you to create unique and interactive experiences for your audience.

From virtual workshops and live performances to product launches, panel discussions and full virtual events, Sessions offers a wide range of features, including customizable virtual spaces, live chat, and audience engagement tools.You’ll be able to design custom event pages and registration forms to create a cohesive branded experience.

With Sessions, you can unleash your creativity and deliver memorable virtual events that leave a lasting impact.


Harness the Power of the World's Most Popular CMS

While not a dedicated virtual events platform, WordPress provides a robust foundation for hosting and managing your virtual events.

With numerous event management plugins and themes available, WordPress allows you to create customized event pages, manage registrations, and seamlessly integrate with various tools and services.

Simplifying the idea of having to learn new tools and head 'outside the box', WordPress is a reliable choice for entrepreneurs looking to leverage their existing WordPress websites for virtual events. 

Final Words On Virtual Events Platforms

When it comes to hosting successful virtual events, choosing the right platform is crucial.

Whether you opt for HeySummit's comprehensive features, Kajabi's all-in-one solution, or the immersive experiences offered by Airmeet, there's a platform out there to suit your needs.

Consider your event requirements, desired features, and budget, and select the platform that aligns best with your vision. With the right virtual events platform, you'll be well on your way to hosting engaging, impactful, and profitable virtual events.

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