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With A Virtual Summit 

 Summit & scale you business to new heights by hosting your very own virtual summit, the only full funnel strategy that gets results each and every time! 

Digital Creators


Membership Owners

Course Creators


Group Coaches

Are you looking to claim your crown

as an industry expert while growing your email list and selling your digital offers like Hot Cakes?


yep... and I bet you found this page because you heard virtual summits do all 3 at the same time!

Wanna Learn How To Host One?

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First, Let's State The Obvious

Summit  = Growth 

Regardless of your niche, a virtual summit can fast track your business by

✅ Growing your email list by hundreds, probably thousands of new leads!

‚úÖ Building a thriving community around your brand.

✅ Establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

✅ Generating qualified leads and converting them into paying customers.

✅ Supercharging your brand awareness and reach a wider audience.

✅ Boosting your sales and experience exponential growth.

Have you been pouring your heart and soul into your work, but not seeing the results you deserve? 

You've tried countless strategies: webinars, social media campaigns, paid advertising... yet the needle on your growth meter barely moves. It's enough to make anyone feel frustrated and discouraged.

Ready To Stop Working So Hard For So Little Reward?

A Virtual Summit Can Ignite Your Growth!


So Get Ready & Get Started With My

Summit Host Starter Kit

The Summit Host Starter Kit is your all-access pass to stress-free virtual summit planning. Ditch the guesswork and frustration - grab my step-by-step project plan, complete with customizable due dates to fit your timeline, along with the tools and resources you need to make it happen!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels.

Start Building Your Summit!

Here's why the Summit Starter Kit is different:

  • It's not just another "strategy." It's THE STRATEGY¬†used by successful entrepreneurs to build engaged communities, establish authority, and skyrocket their sales. With the Summit Starter Kit, you skip the trial-and-error phase and jump straight to impactful action.

  • It's designed for busy entrepreneurs. We understand you don't have endless hours to invest in complex marketing tactics. The Summit Starter Kit provides clear, step-by-step guidance and ready-made resources to streamline the planning process and save you valuable time.

  • It's scalable for all levels. Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur, the Summit Starter Kit offers two project plan options to cater to your experience. Start small and grow big!

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I've heard it before...

You're Ready To Fuel Your Funnel

& You're Thinking A Virtual Summit Is The Answer But..

Reality starts to sink in and you know planning a virtual event is a HUGE project. You know deep inside even with your best intentions and all that excitement, it’ll be an uphill battle to really pull it off.

To be honest most would-be-event hosts find themselves abandoning their planning in the very first stage of getting it all pulled together. 

This not only hurts the heart but maybe more importantly, your business goals and growth!

Here’s why most would-be-event host don’t see the finish line...


"Without a super clear vision, and a step-by-step project plan, many event hosts find themselves feeling lost and overwhelmed."

You know what you want but you have no plan to get from point A to point B and you lack clarity on what you need to be doing and when it needs to be done.

This can be paralyzing!

Hey! I'm Sharee Collier

When I planned my first virtual summit back in 2018 it was completely out of necessity to monetize my audience, and turn a hobby blog into a business. 

The event received an enormous amount of support and we had over 5K people register to attend a 5 day virtual event about how to make money and travel. By day 1 we had already generate $10K in ticket sales and people were raving about how amazing the online event experience was. 

After this event, I went on to plan and host over a DOZEN additional events with my step-by-step project plan, that I developed throughout my planning.  Now I'm sharing this project plan, along with many additional resources and tools with you, so you don't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed, not knowing where to start, or even what to do next!

Get Your Summit Host Starter Kit Now

Here's What You Get

Your Starter Kit Will Include

LIFETIME access to everything:

ūüď̬†2¬†Summit Planning Project Plans:¬†These proven roadmaps outline the very steps I've used to plan and produce over 15 of my own events!¬†From defining your ideal audience to promoting your event and following up with attendees, you'll find tasks with customized due dates to keep you on track..

ūüíĽ Ultimate Event Organizer Airtable Base: A comprehensive tracking system to manage every aspect of your event from start to finish.

ūüďē 70+ page Summit Host Planner: This in-depth digital guide helps you brainstorm ideas, develop your content, and organize your summit with ease.

ūüé• 3 Big Wins + 5 Easy Steps Workshop: Discover the powerful benefits of hosting a virtual summit and learn the first 5 steps to take action.

ūüďß Bonus Speaker Onboarding Tools & Workshop: Streamline communication with speakers using customizable templates¬†including:

  • Speaker Information Packet Template - For confirmed speakers. Provides more details about your virtual event + links and due dates.
  • Google Speaker Intake Form¬†Template¬†- And alternative to the intake form inside your Event Organizer- this option uses Google Forms to colect pre-event information from your speakers.¬†
  • Speaker Homebase Template - A basic template for providing your speakers with all the information they need for a great experience.¬†
  • Speaker Homebase Template XL - A more in-depth template¬†for providing your speakers with all the information they need for a great experience.¬†
  • Homebase Graphics Template - A Canva template file to brand the homebase graphics for your event.

ūüĖ• NEW! Kajabi Virtual Summit Registration Page: (For Kajabi users) Engage your audience with a professional registration page and (2) bonus templates for creating swag bag graphics and promotional images.

Buy Your Summit Host Starter Kit Now

Thats of ton of value!

Well over $1000 fi we sold it separately…

Not to mention how much time you'll be saving since you won't have to start from scratch like those other guys!

Ask Yourself A Simple Question

What's It Worth If... 

  • You could setup your virtual event totally on your own with no tech skills or previous website-building experience.¬†

  • You knew how to successfully pitch and recruit top speakers for your event even if you‚Äôve never worked with them.

  • You could easily manage all your speakers, sponsors and affiliates in a system that delivers the information they need and keeps them excited and engaged.

  • You could track your event budget easily and see precisely where each dollar from every sale comes from and where every expense dollar is spent.

  • ¬†You can make your event fun to attend with networking sessions for your attendees that encourage them to connect with each other and your speakers!

What would it be worth to you if you had a step-by-step guide to plan your event, plus trainings and resources to help you get started on the right foot? 


Your Questions Covered

Last Chance to Get All That Value!

Over $1000 of Summit Planning tools…

Grab my Virtual Summit Starter Kit and get the exact step-by-step project plan you need to start your planning!

Let's Begin!

How It's Delivered

  • Student dashboard with easy access to content.
  • CSV Project Plan files with steps outlined and ready to import into your planning tool of choice
  • PDF Planner File with fill-in-the-blank sections for working through your event planning and processes.
  • Workshops and¬†video training instructions
  • Bonus Canva templates for easy¬†modifications¬†
  • Airtable¬†Event Organizer¬†base for creating your own tracking sheets and budget.
Buy Your Summit Host Starter Kit

Hey- I'm Sharee

I help freelancers, entrepreneurs and businesses plan incredible online events, launch new products and services, and host virtual summits with ZERO stress. 

Not only do I plan and host multiple Virtual Summits throughout the year, but I also partner with big brands and entrepreneurs to produce their events and hit their goals!

It's important for me to help make virtual events equally as fun, valuable, profitable and inclusive as in person events- and I hope you'll join me in this journey!