It’s time to take charge of your virtual business.

Build your brand. Grow Your Audience. And Successfully Launch.


Join Us Online October 16th - 19th, 2023 at

It’s time to take charge of your virtual business.
Build your brand. Grow Your Audience. And Successfully Launch.


Join Us Online

October 16th - 19th, 2023 at

A 4-day digital event for virtual business owners ready to pull all their hard work together…and finally build a business where the marketing makes sense (and dollars, too.)


4 Days. 25 Speakers. 100% Online. 100% Free.










Virtual Business Owner!

Got an offer that delivers a big transformation but still feel like something is missing? Let’s talk about how to pull all your current marketing strategies together for BIG results by planning your own Virtual Summit! 👇🏽

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You're Doing All The Things

And you know your stuff. After all, you’ve listened to every podcast on Spotify and followed every guru Instagram has to offer.

✅ Created An Offer

You have an offer, or two, that you know are AMAZING! They get sales, just not as much as you'd like!

 Target Audience

You know who you serve and how you help them achieve their big goals. Your email list is growing slow and steady.

 Nurture & Engage

You're in all the places, doing all the things! You post new content and you engage with your followers.

You feel like you’ve laid a solid foundation…

your building blocks are there. But something is still not right. And maybe you’ve even launched to crickets. 🦗

See if any of these sound familiar:

-I’ve poured my heart and soul into creating a valuable offer.
- My leads don’t seem to be the right ones because they just won’t buy.
- I spent more time trying to prove to my family that this can work…and always seem to come up short handed.
- Doubt creeps in on the regular about whether or not I have the skills (or energy) to actually make money for myself.
- I’ve tried so many different “marketing strategies” that I’m beginning to feel like I’ve just reached a ceiling and this is as good as it gets.

You’re not alone, business friend.

And we want to help you…

💪🏼 pull everything together that you’ve done so far
🎉 launch a digital summit to the RIGHT leads
🎬 start building the brand and making the money you deserve

💬 What if your passion, expertise, and hard work could reach a wider audience?

Addressing the challenge of “where can I find high-quality leads that will buy” can be simpler than what you’ve been trying.

With a summit, you can overcome your struggles to…
✅ build your brand
✅ grow your audience
✅ put money in the bank
And with the right support and guidance, we want to help you...
✅ attract more leads
✅ craft compelling messaging
✅  create high-converting funnels
…to propel your business forward.
It’s time to unlock your true potential and make a lasting impact in the digital landscape. 

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Big results are within your reach

✅ you're passionate about helping people and
 you're ready to flood your offers with new buyers... 
but you're just missing a few tweaks in your current strategy that will set you up to Summit & Scale your way to
 🎯 increasing your impact, 
💪🏼 increasing your industry influence
🤩 increasing income in your business...

Learn How To Get BIG Results


 Wouldn't It Be Ah-Mazing To Have...

🤩 A clear, actionable strategy to generate a consistent flow of high-quality leads.
💬 Effective messaging and positioning to help you communicate the value of your offers.
👣 Step-by-step guidance on creating high-converting sales pages.
👩🏻‍🏫 Expert advice on creating compelling online events to attract and convert leads.
🤔 Comprehensive funnel strategies to increase conversion rates and maximize revenue.
☎️ Support in developing a scalable business model for long-term growth with an annual event that delivers IMPACT.

Good News!

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Here's What You Can Expect When Your Register

Live + 24hrs Replays

Access all sessions PLUS 24 hours to watch replays. Closed captions provided.

Swag Bag Of Freebies

Grab over $900 in freebies from our Speakers & Sponsors! Also get access to over $15K in prizes through our Event Scavenger Hunt!

2 Podcast Feeds

Enjoy 2 audio feeds for the pre-event and the live event, making it easy to get the information you need wherever is most convenient!

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Meet Our Speaker Team

Learn From Over 2 Dozen Industry Experts

3 Virtual Summit Benefits & How To Get Started, How To Plan It Your Way!
Virtual Summit Emails For Your Speakers & Your Post-Event Launch
How to Build a High-Converting Funnel for Your Digital Products
Reclaim Your Time & Ignite Your Business: The Impact of CEO Days
Creating an Accessible Customer Journey in Your Business, Course or Digital Event
The Journey Through Entrepreneurship - Wearing 17Hats
Build Your Authority With Effective Networking For Entrepreneurs
AbraCollabra - The Magic of Collaboration in Business
From Scroll to Click: Leveraging Social Media for Increased Website Traffic
Connect & Convert: The Art Of Elevating Know, Like, & Trust.
Reach Your Biggest Launch Yet with a Virtual Summit
Pitfalls to Watch Out For in Branding Your Summit
Content On MAX, How To Elevate Your Video Content Strategy!
Aligning Your Brand Values in Your Marketing, Operations, and Collaborations
Facebook Ads on a Shoestring Budget: How to Make Facebook Work for You Without Breaking the Bank
Simple Ways to Make Hosting Your Virtual Events Easier as an Introvert
ChatGPT: The AI Writing Assistant that'll save you time, frustration, and brainpower!
Make Your Summit Live FOREVER [Let’s Talk Evergreen Events!] 
How To Save 100+ Hours Creating Your Summits 
How To Use A Virtual Summit to Attract New Clients
Quiz Funnel Mastery: Maximizing Business Growth Impact through Targeted Engagement
Conversion Copywriting: What You Really Need For A High-Converting Summit Sales Page
How To Show Up and Shine As A Virtual Summit Speaker
How To Price Your Online Courses to Maximize Sales in 2023
How To Make Your Summit Neurodivergent-Friendly (for yourself AND your audience!)
How To Create An Offer And Get It Out There In The Same Day
Sellable Assets: How To Increase The Value Of Your Business & Your Summit

Past Attendees Are Raving

"Love how intentionally curated the sessions were! This felt very well put together."

- Spring Attendee

"This is by far the BEST virtual summit I've ever attended. Great Job!"

- Spring Attendee

"So much value! Thank you for putting this together!."

- Spring Attendee

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