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Stop Struggling With Event Promotion

Elevate Your Virtual Summit Buzz

Imagine your virtual summit buzzing with excitement, filled with eager attendees drawn in by your expert lineup. Sounds amazing, right? But getting your speakers on board and actively promoting your event can be a challenge.

That's where our Virtual Summit Speaker Promotion Template Pack comes in! This powerful toolkit equips you with the resources and tools to turn your speakers into enthusiastic evangelists, attracting a wave of registrations and maximizing your event's success.

You know you need your speakers to promote your virtual summit, But...

you know you're speakers are really busy

so making promotion as easy as possible for them is really a high priority for you!

you're not sure what resources to provide them

but you want to offer several choices that communicate the value of attending your event

you're limited on time to create swipes & graphics

but you want to make sure everything represents your event and your brand!

There's Good News!

Our Speaker Promotion Template Pack Provides Everything You Need! 

Why Choose This Template Pack? 


⏰ Save time and energy:

Pre-written templates take the guesswork out of communication, freeing you to focus on other event details.

🪄Effortless personalization:

Customize each email to match your event's brand and speaker needs. It's yours to own and adapt! 

🙌🏽 Increase event reach:

 The more speakers you have promoting your event, the bigger reach you'll have! Provide them with the tools they need to help you be successfull!

🏁 Impress from start to finish:

Leave a lasting positive impression with professional, polished communication throughout the speaker's journey.


Let's Talk About What's Inside


Speaker Promotion Assets

★ 4 Speaker Email Swipe Templates: Make it easy for your speakers to share your event with their email subscribers, by customizing these templates and delivering them as swipe files to your speaker team!

★ 12 Speaker Social Swipe Templates: Encourage your speakers to spread the word on social to their raving fans and followers! Use these social sipes to make social sharing easy for all your speakers!

★ 28 Speaker Promo Graphic Templates: Who doesn't love custom graphics, right? You'll get a variety of square and verticle social share graphics you can customize and provide to your speakers to share before, during, and after your event to encourage sign-ups! 

Email & Social Swipe Files

4 Speaker Email Swipe Templates & 12 Social Swipe Templates: Make it easy for your speakers to share your event with their email subscribers and their fans on social, by customizing these templates and delivering them as swipe files to your speaker team!

9:16 Verticle Graphics

Provide verticle speaker promotion graphics to your speaker team to make it easy to share the event in Stories, Reels, etc...

Don't make your speakers work any harder than they have to! Just pop their name, headshot, and information into the template, and let them help you promote! 

Square Promo Graphics

Great for using on Facebook & Instagram, these square graphics make it super easy for your speakers to help you promote your upcoming event! 

Just customize these templates for each of your speakers, then upload to a shared Google Folder and let them grab what they need without much fuss!

See What I Mean?

Our Speaker Promotion Pack Provides Everything You Need! 


Stop struggling to get your speakers involved. 

Take control of your summit's promotion!

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