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3 Day [ANYTIME]  Challenge & Learn How... With A Virtual Summit!


2 Big Questions

Q. Do You Have A Topic For You Event?

Q. Do You Know Your Audience?

If you answered yes, then  you're in luck!

This challenge will help guide you through the important steps and decisions you need to make in order to outline your event and set your summit up for success!

Let's Do This

The Summit & Scale Challenge is the perfect 1st step for business owners who are serious about growing their audience and scaling their business with engaged leads, full funnels, and BIG post-event launches!

We'll spend 3 days getting the work done to set your event up with a solid foundation! 

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To Help You Build Your Event Foundation

  • Get clear on the transformation your attendees will receive
  • Find the speakers who will help you deliver it
  • And pick the perfect dates to lock it in on your calendar! 
Think About Your Topic...

Q. Does It Solve A Problem?

Be sure you have thought about your event topic and picked out something that checks these two ever-so-important boxes before you start the challenge...

  • Choose something that is really closely related to your main business topic
  • And something that solves a specific problem you've identified in your niche

Make sure your topic is clear and niched down, so your target audience knows that you are talking to them specifically and what they will gain from attending.  

Once you have this tied up, it's time to... 


Curious On If A Virtual Summit Will Work For You?

Do any of thess sound familiar...

  • You see a common question being asked or know something bothering people in your niche

  • Your product or service funnel converts, but it's just much slower than you need it to be

  • You have a new idea or a hobby that you need to turn into an actual business
  • You're pivoting and starting to build a community, products or services in a new industry

  • You've tried to build your social channels but you're not thrilled with having to create so much content outside of your main offers

If so, then a virtual summit is likely the missing link!


What to expect during this challenge?


You'll have access to daily trainings that will walk with you hand and hand by helping you set the foundation for your virtual summit.


Each training will guide you through completing one objective and send you off with a homework assignment to make sure you get it done! 


Enjoy access to a curated group of fellow business owners who share your passion for growth. Ask questions, connect, and share your big wins!

Check out the daily details

What you will accomplish Day 1

You already know the topic of your event and who the event is for, so know we need to focus on breaking that larger goal (your attendee transformation) into smaller pieces that will be covered inside your video sessions.

What you will accomplish Day 2

With the right session topics defined and in hand, we will now work on finding the perfect team of Speakers to help you deliver this amazing content to your virtual event attendees! 

What you will accomplish Day 3

Once we can see the foundation for our event is set and strong in its mission- the only thing left to do is work on finding the perfect date for your event and mark it on the calendar.


Hey I'm Sharee!

Digital Creator, Traveler & Side Hustle Queen 

Trust me... I've been where you are and probably even two steps further behind! I know what it feels like to have the a 'business' but no sales. And I also know what it feels like to have an audience, that's not engaged, but just sitting, waiting, and asking for more...

Once I leaned into virtual summits I quickly realized how incredible they were for business owners!  Now I want to make your life easier with this challenge!

I want to show you how to  get started, lay a strong foundation and get setup for summit success!

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Summit & Scale 

3 Day [ANYTIME]  Challenge